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The yogshala

  • The yogshala

    The yogshala

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Yoga opd in vivek vihar ,delhi

Therapeutic effect of yoga is globally accepted and latest research has shown very enthusiastic in prevention and cure of some disorders. While considering such facts, the Yogshala initiated the first YOGA OPD in the city with an alternative models/schedules that are patient-friendly. For advance registration/appointment a patient need to carry some particulars like- Name, Age, Sex, Diseases, History of Disease (Latest Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology Reports), Complete Address, Contact No. and Email Id, etc. Our motive is to promote the ancient science of drugless system with holistic approach having no side-effects/after-effects. We offer the most scientific and authentic yoga sessions to all male and female under the expert guidance in natural and hygienic environment. Apart from regular classes from beginners to advanced level, we also offer special yoga sessions for corporate, senior citizens, housewives and children. Our yoga sessions are highly appreciated and commendable by the participants.

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